After moonlighting for 2 years, I quit my corporate job to launch my first company, giftsing. My life changed the morning I woke up self-employed & a tech company founder.

The next several months my learning curve was shaped like a hockey stick. Every day held new skills to develop. It was an awesome experience & I recommend everyone do it.

I launched in March 2016 with a website & app, and spent the next 4 months making small website changes on my own, managing major development through Trello, & growing my marketing skillset. A longer list of skills can be found here at the bottom.

In July, I decided to shut down giftsing. A detailed account of why I shutdown & the rest of the experience starting my first company can be found on my blog, but it comes down to

  1. Competition – If I had done proper competitive analysis in the beginning, I would have see the gap I wanted to provide a solution for was already met by 2 companies.
  2. Users – I should have involved users from Day -1, meaning they should have been involved before I created the MVP. This would have given me a foundation of evangelists to start with. I didn’t, & getting eyes was incredibly difficult.