My career at DealerTrack started with them while they were JMSolutions, owned by JM Family. They were sold a couple more times & are now a part of Dealersocket.

6 months after joining them, they offered me a data analytics position in Dallas working with a SQL contractor. The goal was to automate a report the account management team did for every client. The report took a hour for them to make. After we were done, they only had to open their email. They were ecstatic.

Over the next 9.5 years, the one report grew to 200+, the SQL developer became 2 full-time reporting analysts, & just emailing reports became an intranet site where users logged in 1k+/month to pull reports & set up their own email subscriptions (10k+ reports emailed/month). I was even assigned a development team to improve the site, so I turned it into a platform with user management and queue management for new data/reporting requests.

At the end of my career as a business intelligence manager, I had learned

  • how to write SQL, HTML, & CSS
  • how to product manage using waterfall & Scrum Agile
  • basic UI/UX principles & how to design my own graphics
  • began working on a big data project

The product management role “spoke to me” and I became interested in creating products & starting companies. This is why I began working on giftsing.